Eldersburg Schools Closed

Due to inclement weather, Carroll County schools have closed today. Snow continues to fall as students have the day off.

Missing Eldersburg Man Found at Hospital

An Eldersburg man, George Laneville Martin, was reported missing Monday morning and had last been seen at the local Wal

Bird Nest in Smoky’s Parking Lot

Last week on Facebook, Smoky’s informed everyone that a bird had made a nest in its parking lot. More specifically,

Town of Sykesville Wants Change in Liquor Law

To understand this story, a little bit of background is necessary. In May, Sykesville hosted a Wine and Arts Festival.

Koons Donates to Boys and Girls Club

The Koons Toyota in Westminster donated $5,000 to the Boys and Girls Club of Westminster. Read More >> Picture courtesy

Lacrosse Helmets Fail to Meet Standards

Two different lacrosse helmets used by high school athletes have come under fire for not being up to code when

I-70 Bridge Needed Repair

The I-70 bridge closed on Friday for “urgent repair work” and has now reopened for use.  The bridge required the

Eldersburg Gets Massive Snow Storm

Most of Maryland was hit by heavy snow today, with totals reaching up to 12 inches.  Snow in Eldersburg has

Harvest Inn Shooter Sentenced

A Washington State man was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of an Eldersburg man.  The shooting occurred

Holiday Sign Language Program

” ‘Little Hands Signing: Holiday Signs” Dec. 19 aims to teach babies, toddlers and children some basic signs that correspond to